Totem Tower - Two Player Duel

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Totem Tower - Two Player Duel

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The new multiplayer hit!

Here you will get exciting matches against real people and friends in real time. This means speed, tactics and action! Play against real opponents from all around the world or invite your friends, to compete with them.

Prove your skills in the following game modes:

Find the animal which occurs twice on the battle ground, catch it before your opponent does and decide whether you stack it on your TOTEM, sacrifice it or throw it on your opponent’s TOTEM to defeat him! Watch out! Each animal has a different weight. Stack up the totem by weight and don’t put heavy animals on light ones, as lighter animals will be crushed by heavy ones. However, you could throw a heavy animal on the TOTEM of your opponent and crush his build.

Receive advantages from POWER UPs by sacrificing or smashing animals.

Race against time and send your result as a challenge to your FRIENDS!
Are your FRIENDS able to beat your time by stacking their TOTEM faster than you?

Compete with your FRIENDS together on ONE DEVICE. See and listen to their reaction while crushing their TOTEM. Get upset with your friend’s evil laughter when they activate their POWER UP and feel like a boss when you win nonetheless.

Enter the world of Totem Tower and defeat your opponents!

✔ Play against FRIENDS via Google Play Games...
✔ … or compete ONLINE against players from around the world!
✔ Experience action packed moments against an opponent in TOWER MATCH, whether AGAINST EACH OTHER ON ONE DEVICE or ONLINE
✔ Set a time in the turn-based TIME TOWER mode and challenge your friends!
✔ Compete with your daily highscore in CHALLENGE mode against players from around the world!
✔ Train your skills against A.I. in the TUTORIAL mode before you compete ONLINE against real players!

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