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Tor OBD2 Diagnostics

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See the status of your car in real time, get fault codes, sensor data and more!

An OBD II engine ECU diagnostic tool that uses an inexpensive ELM/OBD Bluetooth/Wi-fi adapter to connect to your car's OBD2 engine management system.

Some features include:

* Demo opsion included to test the functions of the application.

* Displays and resets Engine Fault Codes / DTC Trouble Codes stored in your car.

* Save measurements, errors, screenshots, text in .csv format, graphs and much more...

* Engine performance data (0-60, 0-100, quarter mile, etc.).

* Customizable Dashboard with Theme Support - Set up your dashboard with the gauges and dials you want.

* It can help you fix your car and helps keep repair costs down!

* MPG for gasoline/petrol vehicles.

This app lets you get an idea of ​​the app and lets you find out if it works with your vehicle/obd2 adapter combination; but may contain some small bugs including not working on some nissan/chrysler/subaru ECUs.

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