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- During a video call, the app crashed when certain options were selected in the call menu


Secure. Simple. High-performing.
Download Teamwire as your number one mobile business messenger app to communicate securely in real-time and coordinate business faster.
Teamwire is a business messaging app based on the highest security standards and fulfilling all European data protection requirements as well as the GDPR. As one of the most secure communication solutions for internal and external exchange, Teamwire offers smooth real-time communication for a fast and effortless user experience, special business messaging features, professional administration and control of the app by your IT administration.

Teamwire’s simple usability:
*Sending and receiving text and voice messages
*Read receipts (also for group chats)
*Quote and forward messages
*1:1 chats and large group chats (up to 2500 members)
*1:1 Video Call and VoIP
*File sharing (e.g. PDF, MS Office documents) and media sharing (e.g. photo, video, voice, calendar)
*Image editing

Teamwire’s business features:
*Group communication with distribution lists, broadcasting and circles
*Attention messages (alerts, notes and announcements)
*Alerting and crisis communication
*Live location and georeferencing
*Poll functions for easy surveys

Teamwire’s security | German data protection and security standards:
*Full encryption (encrypted messages, metadata and storage)
*GDPR-compliant and ensuring all European data protection laws
*Data economy and reduction (incl. "Privacy by Design" and "Privacy by Default")
*Data storage only in Germany
*Complete data sovereignty for customers

Teamwire‘s administration dashboard:
*Administrator portal for user administration and configuration
*LDAP/AD connection
*Multi-tenancy and multi-domain capability
*Communication, privacy and compliance policies
*Native MDM/EMM and AppConfig support

Teamwire’s integrations:
*Accelerating workflows via Open API and 3rd party integrations (e.g. ERP, CRM, HR, EHR)
*Automated workflows and communication processes navigated by Bots

Teamwire is available as:
*App synced across all devices (smartphone, tablet, desktop and browser)
*German cloud, private cloud and on-premises solution

Strengthen your frontline workers, close security leaks.
Teamwire strives to provide the most effective and efficient communication between frontline workers and office employees – securely at any time, in any place, on any occasion. Teamwire thus closes potential IT security gaps that could arise from unsecured corporate communications.
The messenger is often in use of highly regulated enterprises and organizations in healthcare, clinical institutions, public safety, government, ministries, retail, logistics and financial services like banks and insurances.
Want to try Teamwire at your company? Download the app and start a free, non-binding trial. You only require your company email address to activate the mobile app.

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