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Recent changes:

- In Android 5 and above, sd card access is restricted. Users will have to select sdcard and give permission to access sd card.
This will enable to write tags of songs in external card.
- New update tag icon
- Fixed crash when updating album art
- Changed color of delete text
- Fixed crash when clicking on search songs
- Fixed bugs caused due to recycler view
- Overall improvements

Help to translate the app in your language. Link: http://tagmusic.oneskyapp.com


You have changed the tags of song, but see no changes in music player. Two songs with same album name creates different albums. Tags of song is inconsistent with music player tag editor.

Why ?
That is because some tag editor only edits ID3 tags. TagMusic directly makes changes to Android MediaStore as well as ID3 tags. MediaStore is a database where android stores meta data of media files.

Benefits of tagging MediaStore are:
* No need to reboot the phone to update tags.
* No need for scanning media.
* Songs with same artist will be merged automatically.
* Updates tags almost instantaneously.

* Edit song title, artist, album, year, track, genre, composer and disc number of songs
* Edit album, artist and year of albums
* Insert or update cover art of albums
* Insert or update cover art of songs
* Delete album (without deleting songs)
* Remove album art
* Move a song to an existing album.
* Delete songs
* Convert the app into an ID3 editor by switching on Edit ID3 tags in settings.

TagMusic Lite apk size will always be less than 2 Mb.

Want more features. Check out TagMusic: http://bit.ly/tagmusic

Note: Some 5.0 devices has problem in updating tags. We are working on it. If your device is one of them, please don't hurt the app by giving bad reviews.

The app requires the following permissions:
READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: This permission is required for getting the list of songs from the external card.
WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: This permission is required for editing tags of songs in external card.

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