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Swipe Navigation

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Recent changes:

● 4.5.4
Fixed Android 8.1 crash

● 4.5.3
Added accessibility service disclosure

● 4.5.2
Fixed sdk 26+ bugs

● 4.5.1
Fixed 0 gesture distance with none set bug
Updated to sdk 27

● 4.5.0
Added accessibility action - Split Screen

● 4.4.0
Added actions for android 7
-Switch To Previous Application
-Kill Application
-Pin Application
-Expand Notification Settings

● 4.3.3
Removed broken root actions for android 7 (i will add them back once there fixed)


Swipe Navigation is a light app that allows you to swipe from the edge of your screen to execute many types of actions

20 different gestures
Dock that lets you have a unlimited amount of actions

Swipe Navigation is like pie controls but without any ui elements and is faster and easier to navigate.

This app uses Accessibility services.

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