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Sticky Notes - Note-taking

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Sticky notes is a professional and convenient note-taking application to record things to do and remember in many different ways. With the unique features that color note bring, in addition to writing traditional notes you can also save information by recording, sketching or taking pictures. Best of all, the color notes application is completely free and easy to use

If you are a forgetful person, or simply need to find a solution to help save the information you need to remember, then notepad free is the app for you. With writing pad, you can record and save anything by writing traditional stick notes, recording, drawing or even taking pictures anywhere, helping you to promptly save important things like information. notepad free for a meeting, knowledge to remember in class or simply a list of things to buy when shopping.

The app writing pad is really more than just a simple notepad free app because of the following special novel features

- User-friendly and easy-to-use interface
- Convenient shortcut button to create quick notes anywhere, anytime
Diverse note forms, suitable for many different uses

- Checklist note function as to-do list
- Take notes as text with many different text formats, help highlight important topics
- Take notes in sketch form
- Annotation as an image, writing pad allowing you to take a picture and save it right to the application section.

- Change note color with many beautiful colors
- The feature to create and categorize daily reminder notes according to stickers for convenient follow-up.
- Set reminder date and time with reminder feature to help avoid missing important notes

- Security feature - stick notes with password offline, protect your privacy, help you keep your own important information

Sticky notes will be a powerful tool to help you easily write notes anytime, anywhere even without an internet connection. With color note, the busy life will also become tidy and easier because of the diverse features that help you capture ideas, plan and organize daily tasks effectively to achieve high productivity. Especially, note-taking is completely free and easy to use. Download color notes today to experience these outstanding features!

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