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In meteorology, a cloud is an aerosol consisting of a visible mass of minute liquid droplets, frozen crystals or other particles suspended in the atmosphere of a planetary body or similar space. Water or various other chemicals may compose the droplets and crystals.

It looks beautiful when we see from earth, seems very high & large. We feel that clouds are touching sky and they both seem to be very close to each other. Sometimes we know whether the sky and clouds are same or it differ from each other. Many of clouds in the sky are bright white puffs. You can feel relax when seeing nice blue sky landscape view.

We can see could in rainy & winter season and rarely in summer season. These clouds creation starts from sea level and it flows in air as per the air direction. These are have 2 colors white & gray are seems to be very close to the earth. When you see the dark clouds they will be very heavy rain fall.

So this app makes your photos unique and beautiful. You can take a photo and add background or frame to get a perfect favorite picture. From your phone's gallery to edit and choose a frame that you like.

How to use this app?

Crop Option:

Clouds and Sky Photo Frames has crop options. Take photo or Selfie or select pic from gallery. Crop it first with the help of crop feature to remove unwanted portion from it. In this Clouds or Sky photo background erase option helps you to remove unwanted background of your photo. Eraser size can be adjusted, make its size small or big. Use Zoom in & zoom out option to erase carefully without erasing the main picture. Undo, redo and Repair option will helps you to erase the background perfectly.

Auto Eraser:

Clouds and Sky pic editor has auto background eraser option. It will helps you to remove particular color object from the background in single touch.

None background or single color background:
You can set none background or any single color background in this Clouds photo editor with this option. Your photo will get white background with none background option.

Change Background:

Set any beautiful background to your photo from the Sky photo editor background collections or select any picture from your gallery. Drag it to right position, zoom in or zoom out and set it as your photo background. Also convert it to blur background.

Add Stickers:

This Clouds and Sky Frames app has stickers collection. Add face stickers & photo stickers from the collection. Select any sticker and drag it into the right position, zoom in or zoom out, rotate it, flip it and set it at the suitable position on the photo. You can reduce the opacity of stickers and photos also.

Add Text on Photo:

Clouds and Sky app has text on pic option. Add quote or write text as per your choice on the photo. This option helps you to convey your message with your pics to others and also it can be used to send messages, festival wishes, greetings etc.

Flip option:

In this pics editor app you can apply flip option to your main photo and stickers. Sometimes the real picture position or pose may not be attractive. By changing the pose to opposite direction the picture may be more attractive.

Set wallpaper:

The Final image which you get in this Clouds and Sky app can be set as a wallpaper of your device.

Share option:

Modified photos can be shared In this Clouds and Sky photo app with your friends, girlfriends and family members. Save and share the final picture on any social media networks.

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