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Skin Tools Config FF

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Recent changes:

- Add new emotes
- Add new gloo walls
- Add new fists
- Add new items Clothes, Mask, Shoe OBB30
***update 24/10/2021***
- Add new VFX hit
***update 13/11/2021***
- Add new vehicles
**update 11/01/2022**
- Add new lootboxs
**update 11/02/2022**
- Add new skyboards
**update 25/02/2022**
- Add new parachutes ff and ff max
**update 17/03/2022**
- Add new Facepaints
**update 11/08/2022**
- Add new items OBB35 ff and ff max
**update 29/08/2022**
- Add new Vehicle, fixed some bugs


With the Skin tools config ff application you can create the Skin Config you want, without being tied to the available mod templates.
In this application we provide a large selection of MOD SKIN without any troublesome files to download.
Skin tools config ff will add new MODs continuously which you can use freely.
Full of all items which you can MOD any time.
You need to install GARRENA FRREE FIIRE first
This application is only a 3rd party mod, Garrena frree fiire and will only appear from the point of view of the user using the MOD, this application does not directly affect the gameplay.
support on android 11

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