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Phone Clone: Smart Data Switch for all android. Today’s dilemma, “how will I transfer or move my data to my new phone from old phone while switching mobile”. Do you see your old phone has bulk data which need to be data transfer? Here we have a better solution for you to transferring your data from old phone device to new devices.

Phone clone – Transfer data old phone to new phone used to transfer files, folders and archived files very fast. Through this app, you may clone your old phone data to new phone. By using smart switch mobile feature you can transfer apps to new phone but also cloneit your personal files over any WiFi network. You just need to set hotspot connection and move data or transfer data to cloner device. You will be surprised, as this switching may take little time for transfer mobile data. A fast track transition methodology will get start.
Smart switch mobile app –Transfer data old phone to new phone, transfer mobile data with a high speed. This is a best cloner data sharing app. Here you may move data like photos, audio files, videos, documents, archives and even folders but also your favorite applications through smart switch mobile app feature. Just open the app, select your files and be ready for faster data transferring mode. Just a few minutes and your old phone will transfer mobile data to your new device. Your cloner app will handle the rest of your transitions and that’s it.

Smart switch mobile app Phone - Transfer data old phone to new phone” allow you to move data from your old android phone to transfer data to your new smartphone cloner device and will save your photos, videos and audio files to new android smart phone. This also gear shift your smart switch mobile apps to new device phone.
This Phone Clone, Smart Switch cloner app gives easy and fast way to transfer mobile data from any android phone to other android device. In other words Phone to phone transfer methodology which can be used to move, switch, transfer data through this smart switch mobile app.
In that instance, you just need to get this cloner smart switch app which to be installed over both phones using WiFi (arslan) network or enabling GPs to start data transferring process. This cloning app 100 % free of cost for our users.
• Data Transferring through Phone clone Hotspot app
• Data transferring from a phone clone hotspot app is quite easy
• Data Sharing Without Connection Problem
• Newly build smart switch mobile features
• Transfer apps to new phone - arslan
• Easy Data transmission

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