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Pars Plus: smart proxy

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Welcome to Pars Plus, your favorite unofficial Telegram.

A powerful unofficial Telegram application, Pars Plus: Unofficial Telegram, comes complete with features such as video calling, ghost mode, and comment writing. The unofficial Telegram application is presented as anti-filter and as quick as possible.

If you use Pars Plus: Unofficial Telegram Messenger, then you can enjoy instant messaging free of charge without being restricted in the least. In an effort to make the user experience as quick and smooth as possible, this unofficial Telegram Messenger has an anti-filter system that automatically connects it to the fastest proxy to allow you to use it smoothly.

Main Features:

Professional proxy settings
Your proxies can be deleted, shared, and copied in bulk. The proxies can be sorted by their ping times. Using the ping time, smart connect to a proxy. In addition, you can import proxies from a file and copy them to the clipboard as well as export proxies.

Real multi account system
This feature enables you to log in to an unlimited number of accounts and keep 100 of them active at the same time

File manager
This feature allows you to view all of the chats' media on one page. You can also organize them into one place.

Beautiful Themes
This feature supports all types of themes, including telegram themes, plus themes, and mobo themes.

Secret Chats
Chats and contacts can be hidden in the Hidden section, and they can be locked with a password or pattern.

Favorite chats
Create favorites for your chats and display them separately from other chats. List chats by categories, create categories and add chats to them. Organize them into channels, groups, people and others.

Download Manager
With a multi-queue download manager you can easily manage and schedule your downloads.

Lock chats
By locking your chats, you can set a password or a pattern to restrict access to them.

Favorite Messages
Organize your favorite messages by showing them on a separate page. It's a very convenient feature.

Time Line
Display all messages from all channels on one page. It's entirely up to you how you want them displayed.

Contact changes
Contact changes such as changing names, avatars, and phones are displayed on one page.
Voice changer
When sending a voice message, you can modify your voice.

Auto answer machine
When you are unable to answer your phone, an automated message will be sent to your contact

Special contact
You will receive notification when your special contact is online.

It is my pleasure to welcome you to Pars Plus: Unofficial Telegram, a messenger with a lot of possibilities to offer. We have placed so many features in this unofficial telegram that you are free to pick from and make the most of.
In order to make Pars Plus: Unofficial Telegram the most popular unofficial Telegram app in the entire market, we would be more than happy if you could send us your feedback and suggestions. Please take the time to let us know what you think about the app by sending us an email to omerkucuk196761 [at] Gmail [dot] com.
Please turn on your VPN if you have difficulty downloading Pars Plus: Unofficial Telegram if you are having trouble.
Now you can download Pars Plus: Unofficial Telegram for free and enjoy its endless benefits.

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Pars Plus: smart proxy

Pars Plus: smart proxy

  • 3.86