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Muslim pocket quran & Salah is the best Islamic app that offers you free access to high-quality Islamic material. It has a Quran recitation feature with English and Urdu translation, as well as a Qibla direction finder, Tasbeeh counter, Islamic names, Hijri calendar, Zakat calculator, Prayer tracker, Prayer time reminder, Daily Azkar, Ahadis, and other features. So, to understand more about Islam, download Islam World right now!

You can get online classes for Quran Pak recitation for your children and for yourself.

The following are some of the main features of the Muslim pocket quran & Salah app:

Quran Recitation:
It features a full recitation of the Quran, which allows the user to listen/read/learn the Quran para by para or surah by surah, while keeping track of their progress using the integrated bookmark feature for the Holy Quran. Furthermore, during recitation, the recited Quranic verse is visually highlighted and accompanied by both Urdu and English translations for the users' convenience.

Prayer service requests:
You can get timely prayer reminders for all five prayers with Islam World, so you never miss a prayer again. The app provides exact prayer times for your present location as well as alerts you to the Adhan time so you can prepare for prayer.

Direction of Qibla:
The best feature of Islam World is its built-in Qibla direction finder, which allows you to locate the Qibla direction from any place.

Calendar of the Hijri:
The Hijri calendar is an important element of Islam, and this software provides a complete Hijri calendar with all of the pertinent information for each date. Important dates can also be added to the calendar for future reference.

Masnoon Duaein (Masnoon Duaein):
This section contains the best Duas (supplications) for various occasions, which have been gathered from reliable sources. These Duas can be learned and recited to become closer to Allah SWT.

Tasbeeh Counter:
It is one of Islam World's best features since it allows users to keep track of their daily Tashbeeh (counting of Allah's favours). You can immediately begin counting Allah SWT's blessings by adding your desired Tasbeeh counter.

For every smartphone, Muslim pocket quran & Salah is a must-have best Islamic app. The service can assist bring a light to every Muslim's heart by expanding their understanding about Islam, thanks to its clean interface and availability of high-quality Islamic video content.

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