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Introducing Balance index!
It is a smart estimation of your emotional balance - measuring the constructiveness of people’s responses to their feelings & emotions.


The purpose of Mindletic is to create a personalized experience, bring people together for sustainable living and motivate ongoing self-care.

Mindletic is a safe place where you can identify where you are today, train your mind individually with the community of certified professionals and predict & prevent emotional imbalance.

Track your experiences and prevent imbalance
Based on the study of Marc Brackket, Mindletic allows you to reflect on the current state and source of those feelings during your daily personalized training routine. Special access for mindful organizations grants you a choice from as many as a hundred emotions, which are divided based on the level of energy and pleasantness experienced. With that, Mindletic also brings you the opportunity of continuous emotion reflection and provides a personalized ever-improving experience based on that!

Grow towards a balanced self with the community
To find like-minded people Mindletic offers Community Rooms where you can interact anonymously with others. Also, unlock The Theme Group feature with the special access for mindful organizations - the questions used for facilitation in group reflections are based on the long-term experience of our psychologists and the trending interests of our thousands of users.

Increase resilience with the certified psychologist 1:1
Meaningful deep conversation is a wonderful step in processing a certain experience, growing personally, and increasing your EQ which is a secret source to a sustainable and satisfying life. Mindletic allows you to talk to qualified psychologists in a 1-on-1 dialogue on any topic in a few languages. Enjoy a video or a chat session with one of the multilingual consulting psychologists, whose experience and focus areas are listed and filtered according to your needs.

Ready to train your mind towards a balanced self?

Check out the benefits of becoming our partner! Members of partnering mindful organizations will be granted special access to holistic mental health programs that include ongoing educational events, internal communication programs, and features for personalized self-care.

Our holistic emotional wellbeing program already helps numerous employees of such inspiring companies as Vinted, Swedbank, KPMG, and Tesonet to name a few.

We believe that emotional well-being & resilience is like a muscle that needs to be trained, so don’t miss the opportunity to do so at the Mindletic Mental gym!

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