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Personalized to Perfection
Mille is designed for everyone, from pop-up stores to multi-location business. It simplifies all the complexities so you can set up and customize your POS easily and speed up all kinds of transactions.

Run Business Anywhere, Anytime
With a single application, Mille takes all the hurdles in managing your business by providing a monitoring dashboard that highlights all your business activities in real-time.

A Personal Companion for Your Business
Mille provides you with in-depth insight that helps you better understand your business performance, needs, and customer perceived value by leveraging machine learning techniques.

Go Beyond Point of Sale

- Forecasting Inventory
Mille’s Inventory Management helps you identify your inventory cost and leverages statistical models to accurately forecast your inventory needs - don’t miss out on future events nor stockpile your inventories.

- Understand the Cost of Running Your Business
Mille’s Financial Management helps you understand the cost of running your business, including the production overhead and inventory cost - keep your business profitable.

- Acknowledge Your Top Performers
Mille’s Team Management automatically tracks all your team’s activities and identifies those meeting performance goals - acknowledge those performing beyond expectation.

- Know Your Customer Perceived Value
Mille’s Customer Management helps you identify and understand your regulars to see what they think and like about your business - run the business your customers love.

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