Merge Dragons. Idle Clicker


Merge Dragons. Idle Clicker

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Recent changes:

🐲More buildings, more money ;) 🐉

-🐌Fixed lags in the store.
-🐞Fixed bugs.

The game has become even more interesting! 🚀
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In the magic and mystical crystal world, darkness once fell. Only you can revive the legendary Dragon! You will breed them, train them, manage them, even merge dragons and you will become a legend in this classic arcade dragon game with a twist!

- Free to play on android device.
- Cute, rare, adorable, legendary dragons.
- Crossbreed the monsters to get rare & exotic ones.
- Build your own imaginary land.
- Catch the flying monster and get prizes

Match the eggs to hatch dragons. Then combine dragons to get a stronger breed!

Download the game now and find out what the combination of dragons leads to.

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