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Marble Jetpack

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Choose your marble and navigate around the obstacles. Rolling and blasting through the air with your Marble Jetpack, while collecting and shooting down all the stars and enemies in the level and trying to beat your fastest times in the challenge levels.

In the arcade level you must collect and shoot every star and enemy, but you better hurry before your time runs out. Marble Jetpack arcade levels also have checkpoints to save your current spot in the level and add time. The checkpoints can be reused as well. In level 2 of the arcade levels power ups are added to help aide in finishing a level.

In the challenge levels you will be met with many obstacles and your jet pack is set to propel you fast forward to help you get there. See how fast you can beat your time.

You can also have different marbles with changing the marble skin, in the inventory section. You can check what items you have available in the inventory section as well.

The levels get more difficult the further you go. See if you can roll and blast your way to the next level in this fun and exciting game of Marble Jetpack.

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Marble Jetpack

Marble Jetpack

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