Mad City Big Island The Boss

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Mad City Big Island The Boss

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Start your criminal career on this insignificant at first glance island, plunge into the criminal world, among beautiful landscapes, nature, mountains, go through a lot of criminal missions. Make illegal deals, transport steep cars, and be ready for sudden police raids.
Pass a lot of interesting plot tests, make your way into the seditious world, be the main mafia on this forgotten island by the whole world!

Robberies, constant skirmishes between gangs and shocks, struggle for a place under the sun;
Fight for your dream of becoming a mafia leader;
Go through the mission, get a reward, learning new skills and tricks;
An impressive choice of cars, motorcycles, weapons;
Its own island, full of adventure;
Epic Crime Story
The gameplay with different tasks tightens;

Write your own story from a simple islander, to a serious top - You're a tough gangster!
Carry out various missions, earn hard money, buy more weapons of machines and the glory of the environment of local small gangs. Free open game world simulation of crime. You are waiting for a lot of criminals, chases, gunfights, many wheelbarrows and weapons!
Let this vicious island show you all aspects of criminal life and immerse yourself in this real-life crime simulator, which demonstrates the real underworld of this large island.

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