Looty Rogue - Mystery Dungeon


Looty Rogue - Mystery Dungeon

Role Playing
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Recent changes:

- more balancing
- new monster eggs
- added ability to remove pets (take the pet and then talk to the incubator again for option to remove)
- added new npc to town (gives 1000 gold for watching an ad)
- bug fixes


Looty Rogue is a roguelike masterpiece with endless dungeons and monsters to kill. Lots of items to acquire and upgrade during your mysterious adventure. Tame pets and level them with you!

You want to play evil? Destroy everyone in town (assuming you are strong enough)!
You want to play a thief? Steal loot from the shop (assuming you are cunning enough)!
You want to play a hero? Rescue other players and be rewarded with loot!
You want to play a fiend master? Find and raise monsters and control them!

In Looty Roguelike mystery dungeon, you will be who you want to be.

There are 3 towns which gives you opportunity to go back to the first town with all your hard earned equipment. The first town is on the 5th floor, so make that your goal!
Going back to the first town with all your gear is a good way to farm items to proceed deeper into the dungeons.

- Rescue System - request to be rescued when you die so you can have your items recovered. When another player successfully rescue you, they will be rewarded; you will have your items recovered
- Find, Hatch, Raise - find monster eggs throughout the dungeon, hatch them, and raise your monsters to be your loyal sidekick.
- Think outside the box - low on coins? See an epic item? Be clever and steal from shop and escape with your prize.
- Quests - complete quests to unlock town advancements
- Customize, Enchant - build your arsenal of weapons and armors! Find scrolls and add abilities to them! Make the weakest dagger the ultimate dagger.
- Storage - Store your precious in a safe box so they are ready for you even if you die!
- Unique - all dungeons are uniquely generated, filled with mysterious treasure for you to loot
- Treasure - Loads of treasure for you to discover. weapons, armors, accessories, scrolls, magic.
- Ads - there are ads in the game, but most of them can be avoided!

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