Lie Detector - Test Scanner

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Lie Detector - Test Scanner

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Lie detector real, lie and truth detector is a wonderfull app for discovering lie and truth.
detector lie detector is just for fun and to joke and prank with your friends.

Lie Detector Machine for Prank simulates to test whether you are telling the truth or lying.
You can use it to play lie detector pranks with your friends.

Lie Detector Simulator - Fingerprint Scanner Features:
- Prank mode for rigged lie detection.
- Lie detector analyzes what you say.
- Simulate using a polygraph.
- The application displays TRUTH or LIE.
- Realistic computer voice.
- Simulate a lie detector Truth polygraph.
- Lie detector and Truth polygraph.
- Hours of hilarious fun with this lie detector test!
- Truth or lie detector & polygraph simulates that you analyze if what you are saying is a lie or a truth.

Disclaimer:This polygraph & lie detector app is intended for entertainment purposes only and does not provide real truth detector functionality.

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Lie Detector - Test Scanner

Lie Detector - Test Scanner

HD Art Wallpapers
  • 3.83
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