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Learn Japanese: Lesson, News, Videos

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We update the app regularly to provide you with the best learning experience. Please upgrade to the new version with new improvements. Thank you for supporting Easy Japanese.


★ "Easy Japanese" is a program of Japanese language lessons produced by Japan's public broadcaster, NHK WORLD RADIO JAPAN.

★ Learning Japanese easily through audio lessons. This feature need the internet connection but it can help you learn Japanese communication easily.

★ Learning Japanese conversation with common phrases and sentences.

★ Learning new vocabulary in each lesson. Each lesson has about 5 to 15 vocabulary with explanation. This help you learn new vocabulary more easily.

★ Learning Japanese grammar. Each lesson has some grammar points.

★ Learning Japanese in 17 languages

★ Learning Japanese Alphabet (Hiragana and Katana)

★ [Sound Words] imitative words describing persons or things are introduced with audio and illustrations.

★ [Teach Us, Teacher] The supervisor of lessons- Assoc. Prof. Akane Tokunaga will explain important points in the lesson.

★ This app help you read and listen to daily news provided by NHK NEWS WEB EASY in very simple Japanese.

★ Fast & Accurate Japanese Translation

★ Reading news with full add-ons: hide the furigana, highlight the important words, underline the vocabulary by JLPT level, analyze grammar structure, change font size.

★ Listening to audio: you can adjust audio speed and change reading voice.

★ Watching video: listening and learning more about Japanese culture.

"Easy Japanese" is an application based on one of the most popular programs on Radio Japan- "Easy Japanese".

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