Lap Timer for Mini 4WD, Slot Cars


Lap Timer for Mini 4WD, Slot Cars

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Japanese language added. (please email me for errors!)
Complete lap list on screen.
Export lap list as CSV.


Keep track of Mini4WD and slot cars lap times using your phone camera.

Easy to use:
✅ Place the phone alongside the track, with the red line on the camera preview facing on a track lane.
✅ Press calibrate: the app will calibrate in a couple seconds.
✅ Press start and put your car on the track.
✅ The app will record your lap times as the car passes under the red line.
❌ Do not cast shadows on the track or measuring will be wrong.
❌ Do not move the phone or you will have to recalibrate.

Can also be used with slot cars or for other purposes.
You can export the lap list as CSV (for import in Excel) or send it directly via email.

🔆Please use the app in a well lit environment. The app uses differences in shadow to detect the passing car. Other moving things that cast shadows on the track will interfere with time recording.
Good lighting also improves camera framerate so times will be more precise.
🚗 If the car is too fast and doesn't get recorded, try to place your phone at the end of a slow part of your track.


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Mini4WD is a trademark of Tamiya, inc.
For more precise timing, please purchase the original Tamiya (#15184) Lap Timer.

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