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Recent changes:

- Add entities from Meeting and Task form Lookup
- Global Add entity button on all entities app bar
- Get associated entities on meeting and report filters
- Get saved sorting on entity listing
- Get total count of entities on report detail page
- Set filters 'Not Set' and 'Set' for Number field
- Set Task status as cancelled
- Performance Improvements


Kylas is a Sales CRM designed specifically for Growing Businesses.
We call Kylas #TheHonestCRM because of our unique proposition.

• Fixed pricing & Unlimited users; No per-user or extra license costs
• Data Security
• Robust Onboarding & Training Program
• Easy to Use CRM
• Responsive & Timely Support

Kylas CRM Features:

A product is only as good as the right blend of features and technology that can help alleviate challenges that Growing Businesses face.

• Lead Management System
• Deal, Contacts & Companies Management
• Sales Pipeline Management
• Productivity & Teamwork Tools
○ Productivity Dashboard
○ Workflow Automation
○ Notes & Comments
○ Task Management
○ Feeds
○ Notifications & Reminders
○ Quick Task view
○ Delegate & Share Tasks
• Customer Engagement
○ Meetings
○ Emails
○ Email Templates
• Reports Management
○ Pre-built Report Templates
○ Customizable Reports
• User Access & Control
○ User Profiles
○ Customer Fields
○ Team Management
○ Products/Services
○ Records Sharing & Reassignment
○ Notification Settings
• Data Management
○ File Storage
○ Data Import

Coming Soon
• API Access
• Motivational Ecosystem
• Collaboration Module
• Marketplace Integration
• AI Engine

Kylas Timely Support:
Timely support is that crucial backing that Growing Businesses need to realize maximum returns from their CRM investments.

1. Custom product walkthrough

• Every business is different and a generic walkthrough won't help you understand the product, allay your doubts or calm your fears.
• Kylas offers custom product walkthroughs designed for YOUR business' unique ecosystem.

2. Product training

• A common challenge is getting your sales team to use the CRM properly. The internet is flooded with studies that prove that product adoption is the biggest obstacle for Growing Businesses.
• Product training can help YOUR users understand and use the product to realize maximum ROI.
• Our experts will help you set up and configure Kylas for specific business needs.

3. Business Expertise
• Our dedicated team of experts will help you leverage the tool, share industry best practices, and help you apply these insights.

Getting Started:
* Download Apps from Google Play
* Account Signup -
* Account Login -

If you have any questions or comments, please write to us at [email protected].

About Kylas

Kylas is the new kid on the block, designed specifically to help Small Businesses scale with ease. Kylas provides access to the right blend of technology, support, and scalability, to help create a level playing field for Growing Businesses.

Also, Kylas is proudly Made in India!

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