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Your music accessible worldwide, quickly and easily with Jaiye Music Distribution.

With Jaiye Music Distribution access to independence in two clicks on your smartphone.

# How does it work?

A short form, a cover, an mp3 file and in 5 minutes it's done.

# Main features :

- Distribute your music for free to major streaming services (Apple Music, Spotify, Deezer, Youtube and many others (+ 150 platforms)
- Your music available on Tik Tok & Instagram
- Monetize and protect your tracks on Youtube with Content ID
- Plan your release date
- Flash distribution / Your track available in 72 hours
- Check your daily statistics at any time
- Keep 100% of your rights and 70% of your royalties
- Collect your royalties and request your payment every month
- Get noticed by Jaiye Music Group's production team
Let's get started!
Log in with Facebook, Google or your email and create your artist account and distribute as many tracks as you want!

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