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Ideology Rush - Political game

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Recent changes:

Completely overhauled ideologies: Capitalism, Communism, Imperialism, Libertarianism, Anarchy!
Try the elections mechanic in libertarianism, the sabotage mechanic in anarchy, the class struggle mechanic in communism, the war mechanic in imperialism;
Graphics and game interfaces updated;
Cool statistics at the end of each game session;
Annoying bugs fixed;
And much more!


Lead a secret organization and subjugate the entire society, using propaganda, sound political action and redirecting financial flows!
Will you be able to conquer the world? Will you have time before the World Community unites against you?

Ideology Rush is both an exciting strategy and a realistic simulation of the world.
Choose the country where everything begins (but be reasonable, Illuminati!) and begin to conquer the planet.
The Eye of Providence will channel power directly into your hands, and your political ideology will penetrate the minds of every member of the human race.
The world community will react to your expansion until tension reaches the extreme and war breaks out. Don't let this happen, Supreme Leader, spread your ideology quickly like the plague!

The game features 8 fictional political ideologies: Communism, Capitalism, Imperialism, Anarchy, Libertarianism, Ecologism, Militarism, Pacifism. Each ideology has unique upgrades, game mechanics, and expansion features.

You can become president of the entire world, making a world revolution... Or evolution? It's up to you to decide! Play as the crazy politician or the secretive ruler of the world in Ideology Rush.

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