HŽPP Planer – Your companion on the train journey!

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HŽPP Planer – Your companion on the train journey!

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HŽPP Planer – Your companion on the train journey!

More detailed overview of the timetable, tracking the GPS position of the trains in real time, displaying the train composition, delay notices, track works and travel details - the HŽPP Planer will provide you with all the necessary information to get to the destination with the least effort. From the information related to the trip to the information whether the train is running or the works on the section where it travels, from the possibility of bicycle transport to the wagon for the transport of persons with disabilities – HŽPP Planer has the answer to all your questions. company directory

GPS tracking

For the first time on the territory of the Republic of Croatia, track real-time trains directly from the application! If the line has an available GPS signal, you will be able to find out near where the train is located, how far away from the station is, and how fast it is. GPS trains are currently available for low power electromotor and diesel-trains.

Train composition

How many times did you ask which train to drive to your destination? No more. From the application you can find out the structure of the train you will travel, view the interior and details of the locomotives or wagons

Travel planning

By searching the timetable you will get information on departure, arrival, number of timescales, duration of travel, price, as well as whether it is possible to transport a bike and whether there is a train access to disabled persons. If the works on the railway line on which the train is running or has traffic information related to a certain line will be displayed on screen.

Download timetables

Download a Relay Timetable and access it anytime, anywhere, with no access to the Internet! The number of links is not limited, so you can download as much as you want. At any time, you can update the timetable if you have access to the Internet or simply delete it.

Favorite relations, stations and lines

Do you often travel on a particular route? Mostly do you start from one point of view? Do you drive mostly by the same train? Save all these parameters in favorites and get them faster.

If you have a Notification System enabled, you will be promptly warned about the delay of the train before you leave, whether there are work on the train traffic line and whether there is any traffic related information pertaining to that line. All installation information is included, but you choose the settings you want to receive.

Nearby stations

On the map of the application, quickly find the stations near you and, with one click, see the arrivals and departures from the station.

News, action deals, benefits and services

Read news and browse news from the world of rail traffic. Action offers are also available to help you make better trips to certain places or events. If you're not sure if you have a discount on the carriage, open the benefits and find your age group to see the available discounts. If you are traveling by bike, transporting pets or something else, you can also use the services you can use when transporting the HŽ passenger transport trains.

Do you have an idea to improve the app or comment for us?

Just take the feedback option in the app to tell us what you think.

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