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Recent changes:

1. Upload document or picture to send a fax
2. Watch Ads and earn free points to send for free
3. Get a fax number and start to receive faxes


Download FaxGun App - The best fax app to send and receive fax from Android phone or tablet.

You can try this free app with free points and reach out to all over 120 countries with the best quality eFax.

★★ Send fax from your phone ★★

Send fax (three taps): input the recipient's fax number, pick your document and send out!

★★ Receive fax in your phone ★★

Receive fax (two taps): get your fax number and start to receive fax!

★★ Earn free points and unlimited fax with little cost ★★

Download this free app now. You can earn free points and try the app free!

After that, we offer unlimited fax almost free with little cost.

Send fax

You can try the app and earn free points to send a fax.

Delivery guaranteed: We won't charge failed fax. Just ask us if your fax is not delivered and we will help you to get a refund.

The best offer: it's guaranteed as the lowest price: unlimited fax with just $4.99. Let us know if you find something cheaper.

Receive fax

You can pick a fax number you like, we offer the lowest monthly subscription to reserve and maintain your fax number.

By purchasing a fax number, you will be able to send unlimited fax to anywhere in the world and receive unlimited fax from anywhere in the world.

The plan to reserve your own fax number can be as low as $7.99 per month. It's also the cheapest in the market. Let us know if you find a cheaper fax app.

★★ Turn your phone into a fax machine ★★

No fax machine anymore and no need to go out to find fax shops!

Send fax

You can scan all types of documents, take a picture, upload images or PDF files on your mobile phone with FaxGun.

FaxGun is a great scanner and you can also import PDF and image documents from other apps, e.g. from email apps like Gmail.

Receive fax

The FaxGun app is integrated with your email box and received faxes will be forwarded to your email address.

You can also receive and print out fax documents.

★★ Easy to use ★★

FaxGun is the easiest iFax app and very simple to use.

Send fax

1. Fill the receiver’s phone number.
2. Add your document or files.
3. preview them and send them out. Easy and Fast!

Receive fax

1. Get your number and reserve it.
2. Receive fax and get notified via email and push notification.
3. Print or forward it to your email box. Easy and Fast!

★★ Scan your document with the best quality ★★

FaxGun is the best eFax app plus a great scanner.

FaxGun applied many built-in advanced scanning algorithms to help you get the best quality document: such as image enhancement, shadow and noise removing, automatic perspective correction and more.

★★ Send/receive the fax to/from anywhere ★★

You can reach out to over 120 countries across the world. Perfect for faxing with international business!

You will have your fax number and you can receive faxes from anywhere.

★★ Clean and professional looking ★★

FaxGun keeps everything simple and elegant: positive, professional, and ads free.

★★ Keep track of your faxes ★★

You will get a notification when your documents are delivered or received. Stay organized on your fax history and status.

★★ Reliable and secure ★★

FaxGun is secure with 128-bit TLS encryption. It's compliant with the highest industry standard: HIPPA Compliant, GLBA compliant.

★★ Cross plantform usage ★★

FaxGun supports Android, iPhone, iPad, Mac plus windows website!

Just log onto each device with the same account and enjoy the best faxing experience.

★★ Terms of Use ★★

★★ Privacy Policy ★★

FaxGun is an easy & fast fax app that be can be used from the convenience of your mobile phone.

It's a tiny fax machine in your pocket and a genius solution for faxing.

Download FaxGun now & start faxing today.

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