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Fake Call Evil Scary Grandpa

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Let started with fake call from evil scary Grandpa, to make a cool Voice and prank your friends with a amazing call video scary Grandpa,
This application is a fake call video of creepy Grandpa, you will receive a fake call video that looks like a real call.

This application is a joke game that allows you to make jokes for your friends that you are calling and talking to with your hand.
Chat with scary Grandpa - fun game App to simulate chat conversations. Have fun with your friends, making them believe that you are really talking to scary Grandpa wallpaers.
Surprise your friends and let them think like you're getting a real call scary Grandpa.

This joke application allows you to make a simulated chat and also allows you to send and receive messages from scary Grandpa.

download "Fake Call - prank" and get best call and discussion with creepy scary Grandpa.

This is not a real call and just an imitation! The app does not have any damage and is just for fun and stop feeling bored and depressed so
do not forget to leave us your feedback.

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