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Recent changes:

- Ability to change the position of the Notification indicator to LEFT, BOTTOM, RIGHT (PREMIUM)

- Weather: The Weather update did not update on the selected update weather interval


EveryDay Watch Face is fully compatible with Wear OS 2 and Wear OS 3 and is compatible with all Wear OS watches

Wear OS 2 and Wear OS 3 integrated features
external complication support
fully standalone
iPhone compatible

EveryDay Watch Face is built for use every day, it simplified many use cases such as launching programs, setting brightness, or being informed about battery usage.

EveryDay Watch Face is completely free and has basic features and options. You can also purchase the PREMIUM version with many useful features and options.

The FREE version includes:
★ Own launcher
★ Ability to change screen brightness from the launcher
★ Weather forecast for the current day
★ Detailed information about the watch battery and the phone battery

PREMIUM version includes:
★ All features from the FREE version
★ 8 background colors
★ 8 bottom bar colors
★ Ability to use one from more than 15 watch face translations
★ Use Night Mode for power-saving features
★ Weather forecast for upcoming hours and days
★ Ability to change battery indicator type. Watches only or dual indicator (phone and watch)
★ Set two shortcuts with predefined views or actions
★ Set four Quick actions with predefined views or actions or any application on your watches
★ Ability to change Keep watches screen awake interval
★ Ability to change the Weather update interval

You can change any settings or adjust all features(the PREMIUM version) or all free features in the Watch Face configuration in the watch. You can also install a companion application that allows you to conveniently change any settings or adjust all features.

The HuskyDEV EveryDay Watch Face works great with squared and round watches.

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