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Escape Games-Backyard House

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4th Escape Game App by Quicksailor.

Escape Games-Backyard House has 9 Rooms to Escape!

Backyard of your house links a thick zone of forest and woods of your area. You often listen to your granny stories about forest escape and wood escape which always strike curiosity in you to go to backyard, explore hidden paths of backyard for adventure escape. One day you decide to sneak out in backyard. As you step in backyard, a gush of wind blows and gate of backyard slams behind you. Anxiety strikes backyard door is locked. Backyard turns out to be scary as you are in all alone! Outdoor escape game, backyard house escape is a mind game where you escape from puzzle backyard by exploring hidden objects and surroundings. It's a outdoor escape game, solve a series of backyard puzzles using hidden objects as clues, escape from backyard. Find hidden objects, combine them in order to escape, complete levels of out door escape game. Here you got locked up in puzzle backyard surrounded by backyard hidden objects that aids to solve puzzles with help of backyard things as hidden objects made available to fulfill your adventure escape from backyard.

The outdoor escape game, backyard house escape twines you into its puzzle escape, builds intense connection between you and game.Beat each level of the puzzle backyard house escape game by paying attention to all hidden objects and search every corners of the backyard that aids to solve puzzle, escape game and unlock the door in order to escape from puzzle backyard. Escape game is played among people of all age group. Escape games make you feel like real life event, you get immersed in a story of your choice and escape from room before it’s late. In backyard escape game, escape path is filled with hidden objects in such a way that aids you to solve puzzles and escape backyard. Escape games burns player's mind calories by their mismatching hidden objects that links to solve puzzles. Escape games involves you in the surrounding, where you have to escape, involvement is such that you feel it in real and solve puzzles to escape.Thus in escape games you are not just solving puzzles to solve puzzles, but solving them to escape the destiny that awaits if you run out of time, so it feels like a real victory when you escape.
Download this free Quicksailor backyard house escape game app and have a simple playtime.

Backyard house escape game features:
• Find the hidden objects
• Solve the puzzles
• 9 backyard house escape levels
• Constant updates with new level
• 100% free to download

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