Escape Game Egyptian Rooms


Escape Game Egyptian Rooms

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113th Escape Game App by Quicksailor.

Escape Games-Egyptian Rooms has 6 Rooms to Escape!

You are trapped in Egyptian Rooms which looks like well. Find Objects inside the Egyptian Rooms and use them accordingly and solve puzzles logically to find the possible way out. Egyptian Rooms contain antique objects inside it. Escape from Egyptian Rooms using your intellectual skills and prove room escape game is best brainy game for all ages. Boys, Girls & Kids can play this Room Escape Game app. Happy Escape Gaming!

How to play Egyptian Rooms Escape: Explore Egyptian Rooms, find hidden objects and make use of them in the right place and escape.

Escape Games-Egyptian Rooms Features:

• Room Escape Game App

• 100% Free Full Version

• New Levels Available Regularly

• Escape Game App

• Solve Puzzles

• Logic Game App

• Cool Graphics & Challenging Game-play

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