Benecol ‧ Healthy Yogurt Drink

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Benecol ‧ Healthy Yogurt Drink

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To consistently control the cholesterol level would be essential for maintaining a healthy heart. Benecol mobile App provides you the easiest way to get different cholesterol information, promotional offers and store finder.

- Store Finder: With Global Positioning System (GPS) turned on, nearby supermarket branches will be indicated, advising you the nearest selling location of Benecol.

- Product and Cholesterol Information: Learn the effects of cholesterol to our body and how Benecol blocks its adoption.

- Intake Reminder: Set your health target; integrate Benecol into your daily diet in pursuit of a healthy lifestyle!

- Cholesterol Intake Calculator: Provides you with a simple and convenient tool to cross-check the cholesterol content in different food.

- Health Express: Various health tips updated for the sake of your health.

- Exclusive Member Offers: Join our membership and enjoy members’ exclusive offers, promotional details and demonstration booth arrangement.

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Benecol ‧ Healthy Yogurt Drink

Benecol ‧ Healthy Yogurt Drink

Raisio Nutrition Ltd.
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