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1.Hand Bag
Usually used for formal events. Hand bag has a lot
model.It is said hand bag because he does not have a long rope or even no rope at all, lets just carry in hand.

using thin chains or ropes. But the same function that supports the appearance for parties and other formal events. Generally Wristlet made from genuine leather, suede and synthesis.

Is a woman bag generally decorated with beautiful stones made of leather, metal or nylon material. Although it has a strap, this bag can be clutch like a clutch bag because of its small size. Minaudiere juaga bag suitable to wear during the evening and party events because of its glamorous impression.

4.Envelope Bag
Is one type of clutch model bag that has a design like an envelope. This type of bag is wearing a rope and some are without straps. This envelope bag can be said to be one bag that is unique because of its shape. Generally this type of ladies bag more serve as a fashion supporter only.

Well, here are some examples of names and functions of women's bags, in this application more and more models and types.

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