BASH: The social event app


BASH: The social event app

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Recent changes:

Following many conversations with users, we have simplified how events are shared. Choose who can join your event: only the people you invite, all your friends or even anyone on BASH. Or if you’re hosting as a private page, only the people you’ve accepted as followers.


BASH is a social event app. Join and share events, created by yourself, your friends or public organisers.

How it works:

Join your friends
See what your friends are up to and join them. The BASH feed is designed to get you offline ASAP.

Make it happen
The calendar gives you a clear overview of everything that's coming up. The event chat makes sure you keep all the information in one place.

Include everyone
Are not all your friends on BASH yet? No problem, they can join your event via the link without creating an account.

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