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All diseases treatment dictionary is a best free offline medical dictionary that covers all aspects useful and helpful to improve health and fitness. Almost all diseases and their treatments are included in it. If you are searching for to sort out all issues relevant to health care, you are at a right place. In this disease treatment dictionary, everything relevant to a disease including causes, symptoms, complications, preventions, precautions, natural remedies, medical terms, diagnosis, first aid procedure and treatments are added to each diseases. Detailed explanation, types and very easy medical terminologies are used for the facilitation of everyone. Overall it is complete guide and health dictionary that provides complete solution relevant to disease treatment.

All major categories relevant to diseases including common diseases, health and care, viruses, mental health, ear, nose and throat relevant diseases, cancer, infection and poisoning, injuries, pregnancy relevant complications, eyes relevant and almost every part of body relevant diseases are added. All common diseases including allergies, cold and flu, diarrhea, headaches, hepatitis, and their types are included.

- Works completely offline without internet
- Detailed description of all major diseases and medical disorders
- Information regarding treatment of every disease and each medical disorder
- Complete healthcare guide and medical dictionary
- Medical Disorder & Diseases Treatment Dictionary
- Diseases Dictionary

It is very helpful and useful for patients, doctors, hospital nurses, nursing professionals, health care professionals, laboratory technicians, pharmaceuticals, physicians, pharmacy, physician assistants, medical college and universities’ students and to common people as well.

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