Address widget for chia &forks


Address widget for chia &forks

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Are you farming Chia coin and forks? Track how much Chia coin (XCH) you have and check your address balance in fiat currency (Euro and USD). This is what this small yet handy widget is all about.

I am not affiliated with chia network in any way. This is a side project with code available on github ( For information on how to support the project also visit the github page.

How does this widget collect data? This free Chia widget utilizes the API of the to make sure the data is always accurate and updated. For the chia fiat conversion coinmarketcap ( API is used.

Chia Address Widget is a home screen widget for Chia farmers that not only shows your address balance in Chia currency and fiat currency, but it also enables you to track the Chia price in flat currency (EURO and USD) too. You can also view all income without outgoing transactions being deducted.
So, if you are into such Chia farming activities and looking for an easy and quick way to keep track of your address balance, you’ve come to the right place. Download Chia Address Widget for free on your Android device, add your address, and monitor your balance in real-time right from the home screen.

XCH Price Tracker that shows your address balance in Chia and Fiat currencies.

Chia Address Widget, the free Android widget to track your Chia address balance, comes with a clean and neat design and the interface is so user-friendly that you will get the whole idea as soon as adding your Chia address.
You can also turn on notifications and get notified if you were lucky.

What type of data can I see on my Chia widget?
Using this free home screen widget to track your Chia balance, you can see:
1. Your current address balance in Chia currency
2. Your current address balance in Fiat currency
3. Track Chia price in Flat currency (EURO and USD)
4. Bundle addresses of the same coin in one widget

Chia Address Widget main features at a glance:
● Clean and neat design with a fresh and intuitive interface
● Track your address balance in Chia and Fiat currencies
● Track your address balance fo the supported Forks
● Check Chia real-time price in Euro or USD currencies
● Receive push notifications when you receiving chia
● Track how many coins you’ve farmed in total
● Free to use and open source

Why don’t you give this free Chia price tracker app a try?
Whether you are looking for a free cryptocurrency companion app to track your address balance in Chia or Fiat currency, or you are looking for a battery-optimized home screen widget to keep track of Chia price in Fiat currency, we’ve got you covered.

Download Chia Address Widget, the free XCH price tracker widget on your Android phone or tablet, and monitor the performance of your Chia mining quickly.

Currently supported forks:
Flax (XFX), Chaingreen (CGN), Spare (SPARE), Goji (XGJ), Flora (XFL), Seno (XSE), Rose (XCR), HDDcoin (HDD), DogeChia (XDG), Avocado (AVO), CryptoDoge (XCD), Kale (XKA), GreenDoge (GDOG), Chives (XCC), Melati (XMX), Taco (XTX), Wheat (WHEAT), Socks (SOCK), Cactus (CAC), Silicoin (SIT), Sector (XSC), Tad (TAD), Apple (APPLE), Cannabis (CANS), Maize (XMZ), Fork (XFK), Covid (COV), BTCgreen (XBTC), N-Chain (NCH), Scam (SCM), C*ntCoin (VAG), Fishery (FFK), Olive (XOL), Lucky (SIX), Achi (ACH), Pipscoin (PIPS), Beer (XBR), Thyme (XTH), Xcha (XCA), Stor (STOR), Goldcoin (OZT), Beet (XBT), Kiwi (XKW), Lotus (LCH), Mint (XKM), Mogua (MGA), Tranzact (TRZ), STAI (STAI), Salvia (XSLV), Peas (PEA), mELON (MELON), Kujenga (XKJ), AedgeCoin (AEC), Venidium (XVM), Skynet (XNT), SHIBgreen (XSHIB), ETHgreen (XETH), PecanRolls (ROLLS), BPX (BPX), Gold (GL), Joker (XJK), Profit (PROFIT), Ecostake (ECO)

Stay tuned and let us know about any bugs, questions, feature requests, or any other suggestions.

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