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The app for craftsmen, service technicians, maintenance & field service to create & sign digital service reports on smartphone or tablet. Immediately during field work with your client. Mobile, digital, simple, fast & secure.
Craftsmen, service staff, field workers, mechanics, technicians – in short all service providers working in field at clients place need to write reports or documentations of repairs, routine maintenance or emergency services every time to confirm or verify their work. Those paper reports often reach the office not before the end of the tour, are sometimes hard to read and need to be digitalized to get them invoiced.

With the ADDIGO Service Report app you track/record clients, times and used materials on site. Your client can sign the report directly on your device. You can send the signed report to the client and to your back office.

You can add functions like adding fotographs to the reports, adding supplements to already signed reports, individual layouts for your report PDF including letterhead or logo, import & export of clients, materials and services via CSV, summarizing reports or project management to the basic application. Simple, secure and fast you will save time, efforts, nerves and cash in the end.

The ADDIGO Service Report app supports you just where you need it: on site! Use those possibilities:

- Free basic version / helpful In-app purchases
- Simple user interface & fast creation of service reports
- Verification & security for you and your clients
- Consistent, efficient & automated documentation
- Reducing work load for your back office / faster invoicing / less coordination or rejection
- Professional profile / image
- Time saving on site & in the office
- Smooth integration with existing workflows / minimum training requirements
- Works in offline mode

If you have any questions regarding ADDIGO Service Report App or our service please do note hesitate to contact our support team: [email protected]

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