3D Escape Puzzle Kids Room 1


3D Escape Puzzle Kids Room 1

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74th Escape Game by Quicksailor. Amusing Kids Room is a Room Escape Game app.

3D Escape Puzzle Kids Room 1 has 17 Rooms to Escape

Its weekend and you decide to have fun at home with your friends, you plan to play hide and seek and all separate themselves hiding all over the house. Our friend Kevin enters a room to hide and all of a sudden in the breeze the door gets locked and he is stuck inside. It’s a kids room with lots of amusing stuffs, all you need to do is, there are a lot of useful objects in the room which will be of use to escape from this place. You’re provided with few hints which will guide you to use the objects perfectly and get out of this amusing room. Once you’re out from this room you enter the second level of the app of finding all the hidden objects from the provided image before the time runs out and complete the app and earn extra bonus points. You’re provided with hints to help you find the objects and complete the app. Boys, Girls & Kids can play this Room Escape Game app. Go ahead play this room escape app.

Amusing Kids Room Escape is free game app. Download this free room escape game app & have an interesting playtime.

How to play Amusing Kids Room Escape: Go through the kids room to find useful objects, solve puzzles and escape the room.

• 100% Free to Download
• New Levels added regularly
• Amazing Graphics
• Escape Game App
• Room Escape App
• Kids Room
• Solve Puzzles
• Find Hidden Objects
• More New Levels will be Added in Future Updates

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